The Chairman

Ananth Reddy Pariyada, Chairman, Anuusha Group

Born on 15th January, in Patancheru, Hyderabad.

Graduated in BA from Osmania University, BE from Bangalore University, L.L.B from Osmania University and MBA from IMM.

Started a Brick manufacturing industry in 1989, while pursuing the engineering degree in Bangalore. Eventually set up a second manufacturing unit in Hyderabad.

Invented the first ever Fully Automated Sand processing machine and set up the first-ever Processed Earth (excavated) Sand processing plant in Hyderabad in 1991, which went on to becoming the defining model plant for every plant that came along till date.

Started a Financing Company, with a unique business model aimed at making capital available to everybody primarily individuals with collateral limitations in 1993.

Took over a sick Granite industry in 1994, personally upgraded the technology with futuristic process designs and product mix, carefully tailored the management principles to manifest the uniqueness of these designs, thus starting the journey toward becoming one of India’s reputed Granite brands.

Started Granite trading in 1995. Started Granite exports in 1997. Sourced multiple colors from different parts of India and exported them to countries across the globe, primarily USA, Europe and Australia.

Took an interest in the property market in 2000, after creatively analyzing the fluctuations, ventured into the property trading business. Started multiple companies following this and began the real estate journey. There has been no looking back since.